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Wordpress Website SEO

WordPress Website Design | Benefits for SEO | Useful Plugins

Posted by Owolabi Paul

Wordpress Website Design for SEO

A website is more than just an online business location. A website is meant to be a good marketing platform. Businesses create a website to position themselves for better interaction with their customers and reap all the advantages that come with that.

A business website must, therefore, be designed with this ultimate purpose in view. A business website must contain all the tools and techniques that help the business achieve their marketing and customer relationship goals.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the ways that a business can be better positioned to make massive gains from the internet. Therefore, the website design process must have search engine optimization in view.

SEO does not begin with the contents; it must start from the website design process. A good website designer must make use of the necessary tools that can better position the business owner for greater market success through effective SEO.

Wordpress website

Apart from creating a website from scratch and writing series of codes, Wordpress is the next best thing. Wordpress has some cool features that facilitate SEO compared to competitors like Blogger and Wix. It is no wonder that Wordpress still powers over 30% of all websites on the internet.

Some of the advantages of Wordpress that has made it a powerhouse for SEO website building include:

Themes and plugins

The Wordpress platform has some excellent themes and plugins that facilitate SEO. Many of these are free with premium versions offering additional benefits. But even with the free versions, these themes and plugins are just remarkable. They can help a business achieve their goals quickly.

Wordpress also has plugins that automate the sharing of your posts to your social media space. This takes away the difficulty of sharing a new post when you publish.


Wordpress is simple to install and use. There are tons of tutorials and step by step guide to help you use all the features it provides. Wordpress helps a business owner to take charge of their Wordpress with its simplicity.


Wordpress has a feature that allows you to edit the URL for each of your posts. Inserting your Keyword into the URL of a post is a good SEO strategy. Permalinks give the readers a good preview of what to expect from a page. Permalinks improve the possibility of a page ranking high on Google for that keyword.

Useful plugins


Yoast SEO is arguably the most useful plugin for a Wordpress website. This plugin allows you to edit and create your posts with SEO in mind. Yoast SEO has a page analysis where you can check how your post is doing on critical SEO indices. For example, it looks at keyword density, ease of reading, images, alt tags, length of a page title, Meta description, keyword in title and analyses if your post is doing well based on these factors.

Yoast SEO also helps you to manage your permalinks, the taxonomy of your posts (breadcrumbs) and the RSS field.

The plugin creates XML sitemap and notifies search engines of the existence of a sitemap for your website. Yoast also helps you control the pages on your website you want to index on Google.


Blog2social is one of the auto share plugins. It allows you to automatically update your posts to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, et al

WP External Link

This is a plugin that helps you escape Google penalization. Backlinks are a good way to drive traffic to your website. However, Google Penalizes sites that have too much do follow links to external sites as spammy websites.

The WP External link helps to nofollow dofollow external links in your articles and sidebar. This plugin can save you from the wrath of Almighty Google.

Useful Themes

There are tons of themes you can install on Wordpress that are SEO friendly. Whatever the nature of your business and the kind of site you need, you will find good Wordpress themes that will help your pages rank well on Google. Examples are:

  • Genesis
  • Schema
  • Avada
  • Good life
  • Thesis
  • The 7
  • Vivian
  • Writers
  • Top SEO
  • Candy
  • Simple and Elegant
  • Marketing PRO

There are many more Wordpress themes that are SEO friendly.


No one can underestimate the importance of SEO for business success. People have covered the topic in a significant way. There are always yearly reviews of the best tips and strategies for SEO. The efforts have not been in vain. Applying these SEO tips and strategies have proved very useful for many business owners. There is no stop to the excitement and discussion around SEO. It is justified.

Therefore, when you need a website, be sure you hire professionals that understand the SEO process and can help you design website or in this case, customize Wordpress websites with themes and plugins that are will enhance SEO. It will give your business the needed visibility.

MakeMaya is an expert in website design and development company in Delhi. We understand the intricacies of SEO and whatever type of website you need; you can count on our expertise. We will give you a website that is SEO friendly and drives you closer to achieving your business goals.

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