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Enhance your TV Watching Experience with Peel App

Posted by Vikas

Mobile technologies are always evolving and they never cease to surprise us with different innovative offerings. One such offering is a smart TV remote. There are several apps in the market today which turn your smartphone into a next-gen TV remote. One of the most talked-about apps, or possibly the most talked about apps is Peel. It’s functioning is well similar to that of a traditional TV remote, only much smarter.

Although Peel’s predominant application continues to be TV remote control, you can also use Peel smart remote for the projector, set-top box, media players and home appliances.

Smart TV watching experience

This app has all the buttons and functionalities of your plastic remote. In addition, it allows you to customize controls by adding, removing or rearranging the components as you prefer.

Peel offers a rich and enhanced graphical interface for your smartphones and tablets. So you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts in searching for your favorite TV show. Just place a soft tap on your smartphone remote screen and there you are! Therefore, instead of pressing hard on that traditional plastic remote, you can simply swipe up, down and across to navigate through and control all the functions of your TV like volume, play, pause, channels etc. Certainly, your TV watching experience has never been as excellent.

You can control your TV and entire home entertainment system just by swiping across the phone screen. Even when your phone is locked, Peel allows you to operate all basic functions.

Intelligent assistance

You can find a smart and dedicated TV watching assistant in Peel. You can use the app to manage the channels based on what you like and what you don’t, what you recently watched, genre/category and what’s trending. It continues to record your TV show preferences and makes personalized recommendations for TV shows you may want to watch, on its front page. You only have to tap on the show thumbnail if you like the recommendation and the app will directly take you to that channel. Peel learns from each interaction. Therefore, the more you interact with it, the more accurate will its recommendations get.

Complete TV guide

What makes Peel all the more special than most TV remote apps is that you don’t have to take a break from what you’re watching to refer to the TV guide every time you want to know the list and details of the upcoming TV programs. Peel is a complete TV guide for you. It shows you the thumbnails of TV shows and shares the synopsis of the show to help you decide better if it interests you. Just tap the thumbnail and you’ll see the details of the show. You can even plan for the next one week which shows you want to watch on your TV, using Peel smart remote.

Social media features

Social media is nothing less than a parallel universe in itself. Most of us have our social accounts and we’re active there, sharing our stories and interacting with our friends. Considering this, Peel has come up with a uniquely interesting feature with its TV remote app. It allows you to share your watchlist with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

How it works

You only need to have an Android smartphone enabled by infrared (IR) emitters and Peel app will turn it into a multifunctional remote control. And if your phone doesn’t have the IR-blasters, Peel can still work well by utilizing the wi-fi enabled features of your smart TV. Just make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

How to set it up

Peel is a user-friendly app and quite easy to set up. Besides, after you download and install the app, it itself gives you easy instructions to get it started. Here is an example which guides you on how to use Peel smart remote.

Once it’s done, you only have to pair your TV with the app and adjust settings to control the set-top box. That’s it. You have a smartphone remote control now!

Quite certainly, Peel gives a new and an even smarter role to your multipurpose smartphone. If you aren’t already using a smart TV remote, it’s time to for you to use this app and see for yourself how it transforms your TV watching experience for better

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