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9 Tips To Optimize A Website For Mobile Search | MakeMaya

9 Tips To Optimize A Website For Mobile Search | MakeMaya

Posted by Brandon Graves

Studies conducted by different organizations keep throwing up statistics which show that the number of mobile internet users is rapidly growing and more than half of the total search queries are coming from such devices. Website owners are looking for solutions that facilitate responsive web design and are also migrating to suitable platforms with the help of services which convert HTML to WordPress or any other appropriate application. This has also made it essential to optimize a website for mobile searches and some tips on how to go about such a process are being presented here.

1. Optimize All The Images

Visual devices are used by website owners in order to enhance the accompanying textual content and increasing the attractiveness of the interface but such elements can also result in a slow loading website which can put off visitors. Image optimization is a necessary tactic and it must be ensured that the correct file type and size of all images are used so that the speed of the interface is not hampered.   

2. Refrain From Using Flash

People use animations and designs with flash for increasing the visual appeal of a website and hope that it will attract more users when in fact interfaces with a simple design not only get more traffic and have better conversion rates. Mobile users can especially find elements designed with flash irritating because of the limited screen size and therefore it will be pertinent if owners refrained from using it.

3. Remove All Pop-ups

Google has officially stated that mobile websites with intrusive interstitials- the term it used for pop-ups, will be downgraded in its result pages. The search engine giant feels that pop-ups which do not serve a useful purpose like those appearing during monetary transactions, are obstructive and hamper user experience. Owners for this reason only remove all pop-ups from their websites as these marketing devices are annoying and may lead to high bounce rate for the interface. 

4. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Markup

An effective method to optimize a website for mobile searches is to incorporate AMP markups in a webpage as Google has integrated AMP into search results. It is an open-source project that helps in the creation of pages that load instantly and having AMP versions of pages can be useful in getting higher rankings for all types of searches.  

5. Take Suitable Measures To Increase Website Speed

The loading speed of a website is one of the most important factors that affect its rankings in search results. The numerous and wide range of features offered by platforms like WordPress makes people add all sorts of functionalities without considering their utility to the interface, which results in bloated code. Removing all unwanted plugins and minifying the applied code are some of the simple measures that can help increase website speed. 

6. Create Post Tags For Mobile Searches

The different nature of mobile devices necessitates a unique approach for creating tags for all the posts. A mobile user because of touch functionality is more prone to making typographical errors as compared to a desktop user or type short terms while searching. It is not being suggested here that tags with intended spelling mistakes be created but instead terms which are simple to type on a smart device be used as tags. 

7. Invest In Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a very convenient option for website owners as it provides an economical medium for creating an interface that can be launched on all devices irrespective of their screen size. Search engines like Google also use it as a favorable factor while ranking interfaces and therefore investing in the technology makes sense.

8. Conduct Periodical Website Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of the website must be conducted at regular intervals to identify the areas that are performing optimally and the sectors which need improvement. There are various online tools that help in finding out what are the locations that visitors are spending more time and whether the call to actions are generating desired results are not.

9. Take Help from Tools

There are a number of tools available which can be used to assess the overall mobile-friendliness of an interface besides finding out all the details about the website traffic. All this data can be analyzed to improve the user experience as well as optimize the website for searches at the same time.


People are spending more time on smart devices as compared to desktops and using them for searches which makes it necessary for business owners to invest time and energy in framing a comprehensive strategy to optimize a website for mobile searches.

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